How It Works


+ Basic Services:
 + Photo Correction
   - Color Correction
Color to monotone
   - Imperfection Removal
 + Beautification
   - Teeth Whitening
   - Smoothing
   - Sharpening
   - Eye Whitening Tinting
+ Premium Services:

   - Line Removal
   - Object Removal
   - Glare Removal
   - Dusk/Speck/CracksRemoval
   - Background Editing
   - Wrinkle Removal

+ File Formatting
   - File Size Optimization
   - File Format Conversion


Color Correction:

When pictures are dull or faded of colors, in spite of being quite an angular and artistic shot, the picture doesn't look attractive and eye-catching, what we do is correct the colors to what it should be. Below is given an example of Color Correction, Take a look.


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